Friday, April 07, 2006

Paul Robeson

If they had only listened
followed the artist
for a change...

A giant of a man
a leader among men
A visionary and a dreamer
A realist
with a mighty shoulder to the wheel
Making to roll
that mighty wheel of Progress
through the muddy potholed path
of public policy
and foreign policy
turning the wheel of progress
ten cycles of progress
equals one notch of the Revolution
How many Revolutions
move the wheeled gear of Evolution?

Shouldere tot the wheeled
tote that barge
lift that bale
working man's blues
Ya gits a little drunk
and ya lands in jail.

If they had only followed mighty Paul Robeson
Let him alone to sing his song
carry out his destiny
America's righteous message to the world
Champion of Universal Brotherhood
and Sisterhood
Racism would be in the dung heap of history
its rightful place
on the shelf of past sins.
In serious self examination
America must ask of its own conscience
Why smother the great voice
that foreign lands
friend and foe alike
clammor to hear
and rejoice that such a voice
such a vision
should appear from any place at all
at such a time
after the most fierce and destructive conflagration
in all human history.
Such a vision is a gift
a gift to all mankind.
A way out of the man made monster
of cold wars and hot wars
and ignorance.

The son of the preacher knew
of what he spoke and sang

Finally they broke him down
and he died
after one helluva fight
for a future worthy of his dream for America,
and we are here today
his face on a postage stamp
and his dream in the heart
of all who struggle for
and Justice
for All.

Happy Birthday to Paul Robeson
a Hero's Hero.