Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Half Jews and the Mid East mess.

HJA Half Jews of America must chime in on what is going on in the Mid East. Perhaps we see things differently from our brothers and sisters in Israel and the surrounding areas. How can the Jews live in peace when they are surrounded by people who hate them and want them dead? I find it hard to believe that one would want to stay there. That is probably because I never had a real link to the institutions and or the rituals of Judaism, but I admire and hold very dear the traditions of scholarship and Freedom of inquery of the Jewish culture. Jews have proven that they can make the desert bloom and wastelands turn productive, this is the magic of their psyche, call it "chosen" or a dna linked genius.

I believe Jews should share their magic with the other races of the world--misceginate and maintain the high standards of intellect, reason and tolerance of all peoples without prosylitizing and hounding others to repent and etc, etc. In a discusion with anoother HJA I decided it might be a good idea to consider moving a new Israel to Florida, and or other areas where Jews would be welcomed as immigrants. As a People Jews are industrious, educated, Progressive and little inclined to criminal activities. They have some money and make altogether excellent additions to any Free society. The rise of Israel has proven the capacity of Jews to become a powerful force in all areas of national endeavor. Naturally Jews are not about to allow the same disaster to befall them again that took place in the not too recent past. It is for others to erase from their collected conscience the stigma put upon the Jews as "Christ killers", the fuzzy myth perpetrated by unscrupulous and ambitious Christians throughout the past two thousand years in the West. In the Muslim world it is hard to understand, for me, why two sons of Abraham hate each other so. I guess I'm blessed with having avoided an early indocrination into the blood drenched history of these otherworldly true-believers.

Short of the return of the Messiah, I just don't see Peace breaking out any time in the near future, most unfortunately! The Jews have proven their worth, they are at least as good as those who have hounded and persecuted them for centuries. Furthermore the contributions to human history made by this constantly harassed people is astounding and totally disproportionate to their numbers.

As for the Mid East? Maybe let em stew in it. Oil? We gotta break the habit and there's plenty in Canada and south of the border IF America stopped being the greedy imperialist interloper bully from el Norte. In short: be a truly Good Neighbor. Our Latino neighbors have been waiting for that for a long, long time.

Open to Ideas!

As the secrets of modern, ever more powerful weapons become available world wide there is no escaping the fact that Israel will forever be surrounded by hatred and in a position of perpetual defense; hardly a situation that can bring out the best in people and nations.


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